Bates Bills

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Legislation Sponsored or Strongly Supported by Alan Bates

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HB2151J-Waivers/Conrad Doctors Bill
Allows foreign doctors to practice in rural areas in Oregon where doctors are scarce.
HB2349Patient Safety
Institutes a non-punitive procedure for the health care industry to report errors and seek recommendations for improvements.
HB2389Residential Construction Claims
Establishes an arbitration process between a construction company and consumer that creates alternatives to remedy construction defects outside of the court system. This bill will save both parties and the government time and money by eliminating unnecessary litigation.
HB2566Defibrillators in Public Schools
Establishes a grant process to purchase automatic external defibrillators and the necessary training for their use Lack of defibrillators (electrical devices used to restore normal heartbeat by applying a brief electric shock) in schools causes a potentially severe medical situation for students, athletes, and staff. While defibrillators are a necessary safeguard to ensure the health and safety of Oregon’s students, many Oregon schools cannot afford them; this problem is remedied through this legislation.
HB2642Emergency Health Services Coverage Bill
Redefines “emergency medical condition” and extends the law requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for emergency medical services by repealing provisions that call for the abolishment of the law.
HB 2684Hearing Aids/ Audiologist Bill
Exempts physicians and audiologists from obtaining an unnecessary second license to sell hearing aids in addition to that which they are already required for prescribing them.
Provider Fee
Establishes taxes that will provide major equitable and predictable federal reimbursement for hospitals and nursing homes.
HB2800Safer nurse-staffing Levels
Requires hospitals to establish an internal review process and to develop and implement a nursing staff plan to ensure sufficient staff levels for adequate patient care.
HB3624Oregon Health Plan Revamp
Ensures continued health care for 60,000 uninsured Oregonians, including mental health, chemical dependency, and emergency dental care.
HB3668Trauma Centers
Increased funding and reimbursements for Oregon’s trauma centers.
SB437Opportunity Grant
Revises the Oregon Opportunity Grant to equalize scholarship money for students attending public and private universities in Oregon.
SB708Nurse Practitioners
Allows nurse practitioners to submit applications to the Board of Nursing for authority to dispense prescription drugs and grants authority to the Board to regulate and discipline nurse practitioners with dispensing authority.
SB800Nursing Shortage
Establishes the Oregon Nursing Shortage Coalition Committee (ONSCC) to coordinate funding and to distribute grants for nursing education programs to address the Oregon nursing shortage.
Increased access to discount pharmaceuticals
Establishes the Oregon Prescription Drug Program (OPDP) within the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for the purpose of: purchasing drugs to receive discounted prices and rebates; make drugs available at the lowest possible cost; and maintain a list of recommended drugs that are most effective at the best prices.

“As a senior citizen, I have derived a feeling of security and peace of mind with Dr. Bates serving as our representative in Salem. I know that he is looking out for us and doing it competently …”
Sari Elliott, Medford, 4.25.04