Oregon’s Economy and Budget

Oregon’s Economy and Budget

This page is designed to provide in-depth information in subject areas where constituents have indicated interest through emails, letters, and phone calls.

Since the Oregon Legislature first assembled in January, we have received more correspondence referencing Oregon’s economy than any other subject area. While some believe that state government has enough money and that Oregonians are already heavily taxed; others say we should raise taxes or restructure our tax system, often referring to systems “that work” in other states.

This month’s feature is the Oregon economy and budget. Hopefully the featured links and resources will assist you in understanding Oregon’s dilemma and how it can be remedied.

State Taxes – A System in Denial

This study is part of a multi-year Government Performance Project and assesses all 50 state tax systems in three critical areas: adequacy of revenue; fairness to taxpayers; and management of the tax collection process. This is an exceptional resource and worth the read as each state can provide insight into systems that work well, juxtaposed with those of significant dysfunction.

Oregon’s “Budget Holes” Revealed for All Oregonians to Consider (press release)

Oregon Center for Public Policy
This site is a non-profit research institute that uses research and analysis to advance policies and practices that improve the economic and social prospects of low- and moderate income Oregonians, the majority of Oregonians.

These recourses include graphs that clearly demonstrate tax breakdowns by percentage of income of different economic sectors of society. Find out who is paying the brunt of taxes in the state of Oregon and where the money is going.

  • Who Pays? Oregon’s Tax Burden (PDF)
  • Oregon’s Taxes and Revenue
  • Oregon’s Federal Deficit (PDF)
  • Who Pays?
    in California? (PDF)
    in Washington? (PDF)
    in the combined 50?

Council of State Governments
Founded on the premise that the states are the best sources of insight and innovation, CSG provides a network for identifying and sharing ideas with state leaders. Check for articles specific to Oregon and the Northwest as well as see what other regions are doing about pertinent issues.

Follow the Money
Follow the Money is a free research service provided by the National Institute on Money in State Politics, a non-partisan non-profit based in Helena, Montana. This is a fabulous resource for looking into the monetary influences on the decisions of Oregonian policy makers.

“During two terms as representative, Alan Bates has demonstrated a keen understanding of the issues that confront the voters of Southern Oregon. He has proven to me that he possesses the tenacity to see a job through to the end and has gained the experience Southern Oregon will need to guide it through the challenging times ahead.”
— Phillip Mason, Medford, 4.14.04